Go Texan Committee

Lifetime Members:

Hurst Barbee

Ricky Huff

Stanley Jackson

​Allen Zwahr

Charles Balke, Jr.

District 7 & 8 Captain:

​Don Luedke - Captain

Shawn Jackson - Assistant

Go Texan Mailing Address

P.O. Box 18

Bellville, TX 77418-0018

For More Information Contact:
Marsha Siptak

(979) 525-3875


Marsha Siptak


Kenny Carter

Bruce Dittert

Abby Frank

Karen Giebel

Justin Hold 

Brent Jackson 

Allen Kaminski

Chad Luedke

Mike Michalke

Tray Moses

Johnny Southerland

Buckshot Wied

Clint Will

Go Texan

“Go Texan” was a motivational tactic used in 1937.  Bill Blanton challenged volunteer sales teams to grow beards, wear big hats, boots and spurs, anything it took to sell the most tickets.  He promised each member of the winning sales team a 10-gallon hat.  Although not recognized at the time, this possibly may have been the genesis of the Go Texan movement.  An advertising agency gave birth to the official Go Texan idea as a promotion in the mid 1950s.  

The Area Go Texan Committee became one of the fastest growing committees of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  Austin County resident, Charlie Brandes, the Austin County Fair Manager, was the first Chairman of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Go Texan Committee. Today the Area Go Texan Committee has grown to 62 counties surrounding the Houston metroplex.  Each county has an ambassador and a committee to organize and distribute printed materials and obtain coverage of Go Texan activities.  The Austin County Go Texan Committee works very hard to promote the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Go Texan.  Our committee consists of an ambassador and ten committee people.